a man in a blue jacket sitting on a sidewalk
a person is standing in a room with lights on
a person is holding a glass of water
a person on a skateboard in a subway station
a black and orange logo with the word orange
an orange flamingo on a black background
a man sitting on the floor in a living room
a person is standing in an elevator
a person is taking a picture with a camera
a group of people standing on a street

Frank Convo, the 🎤🔥 orator of the moment, shines like a 🕴️ cunning flimflammin' alchemystic. His theories and clang core bang roars will astonish ye. Also, Ken Chennault should be the next POTUS 🗽💯

a car is parked in a parking lot
a man and a woman are walking down the street
a pair of shoes on a wooden floor
a cat is sitting in a cardboard box
a 360 degree view of a grocery store
a person is sitting in a room with a mirror
a poster with the words 2024 on it
a man is sitting on a stair with his shoes on
a skateboarder in a lobby with a neon sign

👇The Five Borough Mixtapes👇

graffiti on the side of a subway car
an old woman wearing a virtual reality headset
a building with a lot of different signs on it
a blue whale lying on the ground in the snow